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“We can repair and resurface any bathtub surface in any color!”
Bathtub Refinishing is beneficial for Home Owners, Landlords, Motels and Hotels and Apartments! 



“Remodeling Made Simple!

Bathtub refinishing is the most affordable aspect of bathroom remodeling. The money you save by refinishing your bathtub instead of replacing it will allow you to do other great things, like upgrade your vanity top or toilet.

“Whether it’s a standard porcelain bathtub, cultured marble, or a
claw foot tub, we can Restore! Even if it’s stained, cracked, peeling, or rusted. We can Restore! 

Shower After.jpg



Is your shower hard to clean or damaged? Maybe you are simply ready for a change. We can repair and refinish your tile or fiberglass shower right in place! No need for messy demolition. We save you money and quickly deliver a beautiful shower that looks and feels new.

Ceramic Tile


Does your tile look bad or does the grout need repairing? There is an quick, affordable process to make it beautiful again , Tub refinishing. Even if the tile or grout is loose, chipped or just old, you do not have to replace it. We can fix the problems and then refinish the tile and shower pan, in one day. 


Counter Tops


Refinishing countertops saves time, money, and the environment. Your home doesn’t have to struggle in this sluggish economy. Refinishing countertops makes them as beautiful as replacing them and saves the homeowner 50% to 80% of the Replacement cost!


Spec Stone 


When refinishing kitchen countertops or bathroom wall tile, use our Spec Stone Decor that contain individual flecks of different colors blended to create the illusion of natural stone.

Spec Stone are attractive and provide a long wearing protective finish on kitchen countertops, vanities, walls, floors and is excellent for hiding surface imperfections.


“Remodeling Made Simple!”

“Technology has evolved! In the past, sinks could only be replaced.
Fortunately, you can transform your stained, cracked, or outdated color sink to look attractive again without the cost of replacement.

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